Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Blog #8 Website and Final Reflection

This will be a longer post but will count as the final course reflection. Answer each of the following questions, and then when you finish, be sure to respond to some element of each other class member's reflection (not all of it, just pull out one comment each person made). Post by Monday, May 8th at midnight and respond to each classmate by Friday, May 12th (simply respond to one thing your classmates posted but please do not copy and paste the same comment...make it individual to THAT person's answers/comments.  

1. How do you feel about your final website creation? What would you like to add/change before the class is finished (if you can)? Please list your final website link AND QR code here. 

2. What is your biggest frustration with the website project? If you were teaching it, what would you do differently (other than switching to Wix)?

3. What did you like best about creating a professional website? List some successes and lessons learned for future website building with your students. 

4. As for the whole class, list your major accomplishments and learning points (this could be skills, apps, research, presentations, or something related to work we did in class). The more you list, the more you're showing you learned!

5. What is something about the class you wish you had done better with (committee work? Research? App-work?)? Why? Be explicit. 

6. If you were making changes to this class, what would you do differently? What projects would you add/eliminate/change? How would you adapt the class if you could? 

7. What grade do you feel you deserve in this class? Make you claim and then support it! (The more evidence you provide, the more likely I am to buy it!)

Blog #7 Tech Tues. Stations

Share your reaction to how the stations worked, what did you learn from your own presentation/activity, and if you were doing this again, what would you do differently? What would you think of this as a future format for Tech Tuesdays? Blog by Friday, Sept. 28th and respond by class time next Tuesday May 2nd.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Website Early Steps

As you all begin your websites, share a little about the early journey. How hard is it to come up with what to include? How are you liking your About Me/Profile page? Did you find a good picture to use? What tabs did you decide on (remember, you can modify the rubric to fit YOUR needs)? At this early stage, what questions/concerns do you have? Have you updated your resume, cultivated your experiences that are relevant? Start thinking about the next stages!

SHARE! Post by Thursday, April 13 and respond by class time next Tuesday, April 18th.